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Barksdale Pressure Switches, Directional Control & Air Suspension Valves
Barksdale Product - Overview
Barksdale Product Overview - 4 Pages
Barksdale Solenoid Valves Series 422
Pressure Transducers 425N1-DS
Temperature Transdure
Barksdale-140 HeavyDuty valve
Barksdale Heavy Duty Directional Contro Valves - drg valve
Barksdale Valve Manual
Value Request
Flow Switches
Barksdale Electronic Flow Sensor UQS 7
Barksdale Flow Switches BFS-10-N, BFS-10-0
Barksdale Flow Switches BFS-50
Barksdale Flow Switches BFS-100
Level Switches
Barksdale Float Type Level Switches BLS-7
Barksdale Multi Level Switches BLS-700
Barksdale Multi Level Switches BLS-800
Pressure Switch SW2000 & UDS7- Drawing & Manual
Manual SW 2000
Manual UDS 7
SW 2000
Pressure Switches
Barksdale Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches - 6 Pages
Barksdale Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches-B1S
Barksdale Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches-B1S-B2S-B1T-B2T
Barksdale Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches-B2S
Barksdale Compact Pressure Switch-7000-DS
Barksdale Compact Pressure Switch-8000-DS
Barksdale Compact Pressure Switch - Series 8000
Barksdale Diaphgram Seal Piston Pressure Switches E1H
Barksdale Diaphragm Seal Piston Pressure Switches - 10 Pages
Barksdale Electronic Displys - UAS7, UAS3-V3, UAD3-V3
Barksdale Electronic Duel Pressure Switches-2000
Barksdale Electronic Pressure Switches - Switch 2000, UDS7, UDS7-Ex, UDS3-V3
Barksdale Electronic Pressure Transducers - UPA2-Std., UPA2-Ex, UPA3, UPA5
Barksdale Electronic Pressure Transducers, Pressure Switches & Displys
Barksdale Mechanical Pressure Switches - 15 Pages
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm differential Pressure Switches DPD1T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm differential Pressure Switches DPD2T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switch D1T and D2T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches - 8 Pages
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches - Explosion proof housing D1X
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D1S
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D1T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D1T.D2T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D2S
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D2T
Barksdale Metal Diaphragm Pressure Switches D2X
Barksdale Mini Piston Pressure Switches - 14 Pages
Barksdale Pressure Switches - 54 Pages Catalogues
Barksdale Sealed Piston, Double Make, Double Break-9675
Barksdale Stripped and Housed Diaphragm Pressure Switches D1S & D2S - D1H & D2H-Series
Temp. Switches
Barksdale Explosion Proof Temperature Switches-TXR-TXL-DS
Barksdale General Purpose Temperature Switches-TPR-DS
Barksdlae Bi-Metalic Temperature Switches-ML1S-DS
Barksdlae Local Mount Temperature Switches-ML1H-L2H-DS
Barksdlae Temperature Switches-THR-THL-DS
Explosion Proof Temperature Switches-T1&2X-L1X-DS
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